29 August 2018 - antara

Visio 2018: Competitive Intelligence conference. Save the dates.

Ria de BilbaoBilbao will host the seventh edition of the VISIO Conference, the international meeting to discuss Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence. The conference will be held on November 15th and 16th, 2018 at the facilities of Bizkaia Aretoa UPV / EHU, university with which antara collaborates closely in the teaching of Competitive Intelligence.

The objective of this meeting is to favor the networking between professionals and organizations that promote strategic intelligence and / or use it to improve their activity.

With six editions behind it, VISIO has become a meeting expected by Intelligence professionals. In this edition, the interesting "VISIO business meeting" is again organized, in which the experiences of the industry in Competitive Intelligence have a special place.

antara sponsors this conference for another year, with the aim of supporting the dissemination of the latest advances and the development of Competitive Intelligence in the industry. We hope to see you in Bilbao, so save the dates in the calendar.


05 July 2018 - antara

Vitual congress on the Digital Transformation of the Consultancy

innolandia organizes a vitual congress on the Digital Transformation of the Consultancy. In this congress we can discover, from the hand of 20 professionals, success strategies and essential digital tools to transform the business model of consulting.

The congress is free and will take place from July 10 to 12, 2018. It will be conducted by Angel Alba, innolandia alma mater, and a recognized expert on innovation management.
Angel will interview Miguel Borràs, CEO of antara, about the upstream evolution of antara, from technological consulting to become a technological provider.

The congress will be conducted exclusively in Spanish. For more information and registration



05 January 2018 - antara information technology

R&D Innovation Summit Berlin 22-23 Feb

Logo R&D Innovation SummitResearch and Development (R&D) is a key factor that contributes to the success of any business. However, the outcome of R&D is highly uncertain. Organisations face some important dilemmas/challenges while planning and managing their R&D activities.

Join antara and other leading companies like Bayer, Rolls-Royce, Intel or Syngenta in this summit about R&D Innovation organised in Berlin, on February 22nd-23rd 2018.

The R&D Innovation summit will be a unique opportunity to learn Research & Development innovation best-practices. It will bring Research Development leaders from a wide range of industries together, who have been implementing successful R&D, developing innovation programs and supporting their company’s future development. Learn from & share insights with R&D and innovation executives who understand the changing environment for R&D.

Download the summit brochure to know more.


06 December 2017 - antara information technology

Webinar: Integral management of sources in mussol

sources in mussol

antara organizes on next Dec 19th a Webinar on good practices in the management of sources in mussol.

After several months of accumulated improvements in the management of sources for mussol, we organized this webinar in which we will give a general overview of those key functions for the mussol Administrators and Editors.

We will review, among others, functions such as the automatic detection of problematic sources, or the automatic identification of overlapping sources.

We will also remember when to choose each of the available types for source categorisation, or how to rely on the work of analysts to improve our universe of sources.

The webinar will be conducted in Spanish , and is scheduled for December 19, at a convenient time for simultaneous broadcast to Europe and Latin America. For more information, visit this link .






04 December 2017 - antara information technology

Encounter on Digital Transformation in the company

Sala FEMEVALThe Valencian Federation of Metal Sector Companies, which brings together sectors such as mechanics and electronics, organizes an Encounter on Digital Transformation in the company on December 14 at its headquarters in Valencia - Spain.

In this meeting, which will take place throughout the day, antara will disseminate the concept of Competitive Intelligence, how to approach its digitization, and what is the impact on the company. Rooms will be set up for one-to-one interviews with the speakers for companies that This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about a specific topic.

The program is already published, as well as the registration form.


22 November 2017 - antara information technology

More than 250 university students have learned Competitive Intelligence with mussol in 2017

Throughout 2017, more than 250 students have received training on Competitive Intelligence thanks to the collaboration of antara with different universities. Many countries have been represented, including China, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Ecuador or Chile, among others.


Both engineering students, business administration students and MSc candidates have been able to enter the discipline from a theoretical and practical point of view, thanks to the collaboration between university teachers and antara staff.

26 September 2017 - Antara

mussol got a new algorithm for filtering documents

not so easyLast July 3rd we launched a consultation to users in order to improve the mussol kernel. The new algorithm developed for mussol follows the preferences of the majority of users who participated in the survey, and it has been published after a testing phase.

With the new kernel, document filtering has been improved and the noise in the captured information is further reduced. In addition, the automatic summary included in the signal metadata is more friendly to the analyst.

Many thanks to all the users who participated. You really help us to improve.



01 September 2017 - antara information technology

See you at Venturefest Manchester 2017

venturefest logoVenturefest Manchester is a showcase of the cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship coming out of Greater Manchester. Over 700 entrepreneurs and business came together with innovators and academics to fuse fresh ideas with novel research and opportunities.

Trailblazing entrepreneurs will share their stories, while guest speakers and other market leaders will present their unique insights. antara will join them at Venturefest Manchester, doing our best to contribute to the local innovation ecosystem.

10 May 2017 - antara information technology

Chilealimentos runs mussol for its Competitive Intelligence

vegetales procesados
Chilealimentos AG has concluded a project for the automated watch of the international food sector.

Chilealimentos monitors the competitive environment with major focus on the evolution of the export market, advances in sustainability, technology, and various issues related to the safety of processed foods, including regulation in different countries.


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