In the company we mainly use Google for market watch. What advantages do I get from using a platform like antara?

Google is a great tool, but you should not exclusively stand by Google Alerts the Competitive Intelligence Function. Competitive Intelligence defines a cycle that includes definition of Focus, Search and Processing-Filter, Analysis based on business, Distribution of information and Feedback.

Google is one of many tools that can support the Search phase. Nothing else.

In particular, take into account the following principles:

Google does not understand your business

You can not explain how your competitive environment is, or what are your intelligence focuses. The information you capture will not be able to interpret potential threats or opportunities. You could try to do it with the advanced search, but in a short time you will see that it is impossible.


Google decides what sources of reference for your case

It does not structure the information according to the nature of the source. It does not matter if it is a competitor (which Google does not know) or if it is a no-background writter.
It will deliver hundreds of thousands (millions) of results, but prioritized according to its Google criteria, which will never be yours. The relevant information will be hidden behind the great volume of results.

In the deep web can be 80% of the information of your interest, and Google does not have to even know that it exists. You will not be able to automatically access databases (e.g. tenders or regulatory projects) and automatically filter the information according to your business.


For Google you are a user, not a team

You will not be able to establish assignment rules of subjects depending on team members' background, nor to define the degree of responsibility and implication of each person according to the subject.
You can not coordinate a team that collaborates in describing the business and the topics of which each one is specialist.
You will not be able to collaborate in analyzing the market signals in a cooperative way.
It does not offer you tools to generate intelligence reports from cooperative work.
Nor can you define different levels of permissions: Who can organize, modify, collaborate or read information according to the foci of intelligence that you have designed.
You will have to resend the information one by one and manually to the interested people, and you will never know if your effort is taken advantage of. Or if there are areas of the company neglected or people who do not perform their analysis function.


With Google you focus on finding information, not on your analysis

Without a professional platform, more than 60% of the resources dedicated to monitoring are wasted in capturing and filtering information (calculations of an antara client), leaving very few resources available for value added tasks that make the difference: Analysis, Recommendations and Decission.


You can use Google Alerts as an information source

Some of our users create alerts on Google, which connect to our mussol intelligence platform as yet another source of information. Therefore, you do not have to choose to use one method or another, but you can take advantage of both simultaneously, with all the power of mussol added on top of the collected information.