Continuous improvement manual for Editors of Antara Mussol

The Intelligence Function requires supervision and continuous improvement, like any other function of the company. In Antara Mussol, that task is the responsibility of the Editors, to whom we propose a brief Continuous improvement manual.


This is actually a check-list like the one pilots consult before taking off on each flight, with suggested actions for each possible incident. It is a script that is structured according to the three main areas of improvement of Competitive Intelligence: Intelligence hypothesis, users, and sources of information.


Based on specific tools for continuous improvement offered by Antara Mussol, the Editors can identify specific points to improve the efficiency of intelligence, the performance and generation of value by analysts, and the quality of the universe of sources. Following this manual, an Editor can supervise an extensive Intelligence team dedicating between 5% and 10% of their time (2 to 4 hours per week).

This manual for supervision and continuous improvement is now available to all users.

We keep improving.

The Antara Mussol Team.