New mussol Dashboard: (Not only) For the C-level executives

Mussol offers a new function "Dashboard", which allows gathering in a single section the most relevant signals for the company according to internal experts. This dashboard becomes the key tool so that General Management can have a daily vision of the market forces surrounding the company. What threats are coming? What are the focuses of the team? What people bring true value to the company intelligence?


The Dashboard does not replace intelligence reports but provides first-hand information in a more agile way.



But not only for General Management: This Dashboard or board is fully configurable, and among other applications allows any analyst to have the interactions of his department colleagues at hand, or to learn about interesting topics that are relevant to other departments.

The Administrators, to facilitate exploitation, can create a Dashboard configuration common to all users, which will appear on the screen by default.

The board is now the entry point to mussol by default and is available in the Mussol Analysis menu. The direct access address to the Dashboard is The corresponding article of the Help is already available and appears as always linked from the corresponding page of the software (Look for the icon "?").

We want to thank all the users who have participated in the design and in the initial tests of this new function, as well as those who suggested the improvement. Thank you all.


We keep improving.