New version of the Antara Mussol browser add-on: RSS feed viewer

(Note for all mussol users with Editor or superior user rights).

The monitoring of information sources through RSS feeds (also called "Feeds") is considerably more efficient, and generates less noise for the analysts. But before putting an RSS feed under watch it is convenient to visualize its content, to make sure that the actual feed content is what we expect, and that it is not empty (i.e. A wrongly coded web site).


The Chrome browser is not very friendly when viewing the content of an RSS feed, and recently Mozilla Firefox has canceled the viewer included in the browser. Since RSS feeds are very important for mussol users, we have updated the mussol web extension including an embedded RSS viewer. This viewer is activated automatically when an RSS feed is selected with the browser, showing its content in a friendly way to the user.

The following image shows the differences between viewing an RSS feed without the viewer (On the left), and with the mussol viewer (On the right).

The mussol web extension includes an automatic update service, therefore users who already have it installed do not need to take any action.

For those users who don't yet have the mussol web extension, it is available for download at the Tools -> Plugins section.

The corresponding article of the Help library has already been updated.

We keep improving!

The antara team.