Teaching Competitive Intelligence at the university

The most agile and advanced companies find it difficult to recruit qualified personnel for any of the so-called "new professions". Competitive Intelligence is not an exception. Companies feel the growing pressure to develop their Intelligence Function, and some projects are put at risk when appointing responsibilities to personnel without specific training.


To make it easier for companies to find trained professionals in Intelligence is one of the reasons why antara collaborates with universities in three continents, supporting the introduction of students in Competitive Intelligence, either as part of their career curricula, or as specific postgraduate training.

Throughout the past year a study on teaching methods of Competitive Intelligence has been developed, including the evaluation by the students. The Technology, Foresight and Management Research Group of the University of the Basque Country UPV / EHU (Department of Business Organization), and the Master in Creation and Management of Innovative Companies of the University of Valencia (UVEG (Faculty of Economics) have contributed to this work.The results have been highly satisfactory. The Project-Based Learning method has been ideal for enhancing autonomous learning and developing social skills. We must bear in mind that the leaders of the Intelligence Function must not only have methodological capabilities, but also the ability to coordinate teams of people who devote only a small part of their time to Intelligence.


The students rated the use of mussol in 4,26 out of 5 to understand the practice of the Intelligence Function, and they would recommend continuing the teaching with mussol with 5 out of 5. In addition, we have gathered interesting suggestions that we will take into account in Antara.

The work has been accepted for presentation at the Virtual Educa 2018 international congress, in Salvador de Bahía, Brazil, and Visio 2018, in Bilbao, Spain. You can download the paper from here (The article is in Spanish only). We only ask in return that you write a post on one of your social networks.


  The list of universities interested in the teaching of Competitive Intelligence continues to grow month by month. Antara is open to supporting all of them, with the aim of contributing to the quality of teaching and of companies having qualified professionals. If you belong to a university and you are interested, do not hesitate to request our dossier.

We take the opportunity to link the Internet sites of the Masters involved in this study:

We would like to especially thank the Competitive Intelligence professor of the UPV / EHU Master's Degree, Prof. Rosa Río Belver, for the leadership in the development of this work.


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