vegetales procesados

Chilealimentos AG has concluded a project for the automated watch of the international food sector.

Chilealimentos monitors the competitive environment with major focus on the evolution of the export market, advances in sustainability, technology, and various issues related to the safety of processed foods, including regulation in different countries.


The industrial cluster team has configured the antara " mussol " Competitive Intelligence solution with a thousand sources of information, automatically filtered with more than 20 intelligence hypothesis supported by a thesaurus of almost 3.000 concepts. This initial configuration will evolve continuously to adapt to the new challenges of the industry.

The project has been initiated by the technology consultant firm Fundación Chile, whose technicians have chosen the software solution " mussol " (In use also at FCh), and they have configured it for Chilealimentos. The training of Chilealimentos personnel has been carried out by antara through videoconference sessions.

For more than 15 years, Chilean companies have focused on export as a way to grow and settle in the international market. In the next ten years the domestic industry will reach 60.000 million dollars in food sales (which is a growth of 43.000 million dollars).

This growth is foreseen through export (accounting for 50% of sales and, in some products, 95%) or through the investment of foreign companies in the country.