More than 250 university students have learned Competitive Intelligence with Antara Mussol in 2017

Throughout 2017, more than 250 students have received training on Competitive Intelligence thanks to the collaboration of antara with different universities. Many countries have been represented, including China, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Ecuador or Chile, among others.


Both engineering students, business administration students and MSc candidates have been able to enter the discipline from a theoretical and practical point of view, thanks to the collaboration between university teachers and antara staff.

Thanks to the "mussol" educational licenses, antara's solution for Collaborative Competitive Intelligence, students developed practical cases of Tactical Intelligence and Business Strategic Intelligence. In some cases, students have completed internships in industrial companies, which had a first contact with the Intelligence Function.

Universities can access free educational licenses under the collaboration framework of antara with the academia. To know more about these licenses, you can read this frequently asked question.