Students of UPV ADE are introduced to the intelligence function in companies

Students in the final year of ADE (Business Management and Administration) at UPV have had their first contact with the Competitive Intelligence Function in business. A two-day seminar on Business Intelligence has been held in February 2016 to learn about Competitive Intelligence, what it is, how it engages with Strategic Planning, and they have developed a case study on business intelligence.


antara has again collaborated with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in this case helping with the subject of Strategic Control Systems in the degree course in Business Management and Administration.

Students have received access to antara mussol software licenses, to develop the case study in intelligence and monitoring of the environment.


This action adds to the long list of collaboration of antara with various universities in Europe and America, which occupy a priority position in the social action of businesses, and also fall into the initiatives for the promotion of the discipline of intelligent enterprise management.