After the previous webinar on Intelligence and Innovation postCOVID-19 , we respond to requests for a new event, and we invite you next Thursday, May 28, 17:00 CEST, to reflect on "Prospective and postCOVID-19 Scenarios".


Again, an event not only for Antara Mussol users, which we hope will help you reflect and make the best strategic decisions, answering questions such as What is Foresight? What scenarios arise in the medium and long term? How to support Management from the Intelligence Function?

A six-handed webinar, because again we will have experts in the kitchen who will give us experience and food for thought. And, as always, open for you to contribute your own ingredients.

This is an open webinar, but seating is limited. Register early to reserve your access . Please note that this webinar will be conducted in Spanish.


The webinar recording can be accessed by two ways:

  • Directly in the Antara YouTube channel.
  • In the Antara Webinar interactive room. We encourage to use the Adobe Connect application, as you'll get a much better experience, and you'll be able to access the files and links available in the room.

The document used in the presentation is available for download too.



César Camisón - UV. Professor of Business Management and Director of the Research Group on Strategy, Competitiveness and Innovation at the University of Valencia.

Lucas Martínez Clar - DCN. Lucas has extensive experience in managing investments in technology companies, and advises companies on their strategic transformation, with a current focus on financial flotation and scenario planning.

Miguel Borràs - Antara. Miguel has personally helped digitize the Intelligence Function with Antara Mussol in more than 50 companies in 7 countries, and has collaborated in the field of Competitive and Technological Intelligence with more than 30 universities, in Europe, America and Asia..