Workshop: Keys to Competitive Intelligence in a technology startup

The organization Emprenem Junts and the BIC of Elche have invited antara to a workshop on Intelligence in Startups within the framework of the Business Encounter Enrédate.

Entrepreneurship is a decision that is better made when well informed. In this workshop you will learn how intelligence is applied to successfully develop a startup, aware of the vision of the Post It Party methodology, developed by Hackers and Founders, the largest global group of startups, which brings together more than 200,000 startups in 46 countries. In addition, you will learn about the impact of competitive intelligence as a key tool for increasing the chances of success in the creation process of new technology firms (EBTs).

The workshop will be held on 1 June in Elche Congress Centre. You can register here.

We have linked the Enrédate interview to Miguel Borràs, CEO of antara (inerview conducted in Spanish).