We thank

Important things first: From Antara we send a hug of thanks to all the professionals who fight on the front line under great physical and emotional pressure, and with limited resources. Including close family members of our team, who are taking risks and pushing themselves to the limit, doing their duty to protect us all.


We are collaborating at the individual level, managing and transforming information related to COVID-19, and participating in networks that minimally help manage the situation.

We continue to service

Antara is in a position to provide all its services in its entirety. All training and expert assistance tasks for our clients' projects that had been planned in face-to-face format have been moved on-line.

On the other hand, we apologize for any unusual delay in the answers we have given from Support in the last few days.

Let's look on the bright side

Since Mussol of Antara is a service in the Cloud, and does not require resources or IT support from our clients, the Intelligence Function is one of the business functions that is not interrupted, but can be enhanced during these days of confinement and teleworking.

To Editors and Administrators : Let's reflect these days on how to improve our Intelligence strategy. Let's optimize our designs in Mussol.

To Analysts : Let's review those alerts that we left behind due to lack of time or attention. Let's find information on our own and share it with the team through the Mussol web extension . It is also good to be curious, and observe the activity of analysis of other departments, if our Administrators have prepared a good magazine of internal intelligence .

Everyone : Let's read and learn about the Intelligence Function in the company, not only on the Antara blog .

Encourage everyone, and take the opportunity to reflect and optimize our business during these days. We will have to accelerate a lot and speed up the economy when this situation is left behind.