I am an account manager, and I have seen that there is the possibility of activating an "antara user". What is the purpose of this possibility?

You can grant access to a user from antra (email domain @antara.ws) at any time you need support to resolve a question about the configuration of your account. Creating users with antara domain email do not consume users of your contract.

Once activated, the antara support person will be able to access your account information and give you assistance in what you need. You can register a specific antara support person (with personal name and email address), or a generic user provided by the antara Support Service.

You can turn this user on and off at any time, as well as assign to her different types of permissions. Please note that this user is subject to the same access rights restrictions as the other users of your account. Therefore, if you do not give the Editor rights to activate the ability to edit the semantics - for example - the support user can not help you resolve any issues with that topic.

You can activate more than one user.