We are a university and would like to have educational licenses for teaching. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Antara collaborates closely with many universities , especially in Europe and Latin America. Within this policy of collaboration, Antara offers educational licenses, which can be used exclusively for teaching.

Educational licenses have the following characteristics:

  • Free. They are not limited in the number of students.
  • Renewable temporary validity.
  • They offer the maximum functionality or superior product plan, but they are limited in the volume of information that they can manage. Updates are automatic.
  • Both teachers and students have access to all the resources that antara offers its users: Help Documentation, access to Webinars , etc.
  • They are of exclusive use for the university that requests them and its students, with the unique objective of the teaching. Educational licenses can not be used for internal university processes (eg innovation management or R & D, technology and environmental monitoring). The activities of assistance or consultancy provided by the university can not be carried out with these educational licenses, nor the courses organized for the industry or any other activity of connection.
  • The exploitation by the university staff and its students, including the contents managed in the license, is subject to monitoring by antara personnel. Antara reserves the right to cancel a license at any time due to inappropriate use, without prejudice to activate the relevant legal actions as a result of fraudulent use of the licenses.

  • Antara reserves the right to limit the number of educational licenses it can simultaneously grant, because the available resources are not unlimited.

To obtain educational licenses it is suggested to follow these steps:

  • Contact us expressing the interest and plans of use.

  • Exchange of a document in which the conditions of use are accepted.

  • The university receives the keys for the configuration and automatic activation of licenses with full autonomy.

  • From that moment teachers and students have access to the licenses, as well as the introduction and self-training resources (Webinars, Help documentation, etc.).

Antara offers training courses for trainers , so that teachers at the university can not only clearly communicate the objectives and possibilities of the software, but also propose cases to solve, or create preconfigurations oriented to such cases. Contact antara to learn more about these courses.

Efectivamente, si tienes autorización de los respectivos Administradores de cada empresa, podrás acceder a cada una de ellas fácilmente, sin necesitar salir de la aplicación y volver a hacer login.

Debes tener en cuenta que no te será posible transferir información de una cuenta de empresa a otra sin autorización del Administrador.

Ten en cuenta que para cada cuenta es posible que tengas asignados diferentes derechos, por lo que podrás realizar tareas con la información de una empresa que no te serán posibles en otra. Depende del tipo de usuario que se te asigne en cada cuenta.

Te recomendamos que al pedir el acceso emplees el mismo nombre de usuario (email) en todas las cuentas, lo que te permitirá una mayor comodidad a la hora de la explotación.