I have forwarded an email with alerts to another person, but the software asks for a password to read the information.

Both the Semantic Competitive Intelligence platform and the Business Ideas Management platform protect the information that is managed within the company.
Market signals under surveillance may carry associated strategic analysis that should not be accessible by unauthorized persons. So also the ideas of innovation or business initiatives are very valuable assets that must be protected.
If the platform would allow to unprotect that information by means of the forwarding - intentional or mistaken - of the emails, the information that we want to protect would be easily disclosed.
Therefore, any user must authenticate to the platform in order to access the information, and once inside she can access it according to their access rights.
If you want to resend a signal to an unauthorized person, you can copy the link that is associated with the signal title that has been delivered to you by the platform.
That link leads directly to public information, but it does not include analysis information nor metadata.