Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General FAQ

We are a university and would like to have educational licenses for teaching. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Antara collaborates closely with many universities , especially in Europe and Latin America. Within this policy of collaboration, Antara offers educational licenses, which can be used exclusively for teaching.

Educational licenses have the following characteristics:

  • Free. They are not limited in the number of students.
  • Renewable temporary validity.
  • They offer the maximum functionality or superior product plan, but they are limited in the volume of information that they can manage. Updates are automatic.
  • Both teachers and students have access to all the resources that antara offers its users: Help Documentation, access to Webinars , etc.
  • They are of exclusive use for the university that requests them and its students, with the unique objective of the teaching. Educational licenses can not be used for internal university processes (eg innovation management or R & D, technology and environmental monitoring). The activities of assistance or consultancy provided by the university can not be carried out with these educational licenses, nor the courses organized for the industry or any other activity of connection.
  • The exploitation by the university staff and its students, including the contents managed in the license, is subject to monitoring by antara personnel. Antara reserves the right to cancel a license at any time due to inappropriate use, without prejudice to activate the relevant legal actions as a result of fraudulent use of the licenses.

  • Antara reserves the right to limit the number of educational licenses it can simultaneously grant, because the available resources are not unlimited.

To obtain educational licenses it is suggested to follow these steps:

  • Contact us expressing the interest and plans of use.

  • Exchange of a document in which the conditions of use are accepted.

  • The university receives the keys for the configuration and automatic activation of licenses with full autonomy.

  • From that moment teachers and students have access to the licenses, as well as the introduction and self-training resources (Webinars, Help documentation, etc.).

Antara offers training courses for trainers , so that teachers at the university can not only clearly communicate the objectives and possibilities of the software, but also propose cases to solve, or create preconfigurations oriented to such cases. Contact antara to learn more about these courses.

Efectivamente, si tienes autorización de los respectivos Administradores de cada empresa, podrás acceder a cada una de ellas fácilmente, sin necesitar salir de la aplicación y volver a hacer login.

Debes tener en cuenta que no te será posible transferir información de una cuenta de empresa a otra sin autorización del Administrador.

Ten en cuenta que para cada cuenta es posible que tengas asignados diferentes derechos, por lo que podrás realizar tareas con la información de una empresa que no te serán posibles en otra. Depende del tipo de usuario que se te asigne en cada cuenta.

Te recomendamos que al pedir el acceso emplees el mismo nombre de usuario (email) en todas las cuentas, lo que te permitirá una mayor comodidad a la hora de la explotación.

We have changed the contact person and the user making the orders. What should we do?

Any user with Administrator-level permissions can manage the contract.

Do not forget to change permissions to the Administrator user who is no longer in charge, or disable that user if she has left the company. This can be done in the Administration > Users section of the application.

If the person to change was the only Administrator and this user can no longer enter, you must contact Support to assign an Administrator permission to another user of the contract.




What kind of settings do I need to install antara software?

You do not need to install software on your personal computer or servers in your organization. The software applications are accessible through the Internet.

This has many advantages for the user. Among them, we can highlight not having to invest or maintain computer infrastructure, immediate software update, data security, access from any place or device, etc.

If access to the application is done on the Internet, how can I ensure the confidentiality of the information?

The information is protected to the highest standards. These are some of the data security features:

  1. The companies that use antara not only can not see the information belonging to another company, but they do not even know the fact that there are other accounts than theirs.
  2. Within a company account, the different types of users offered have different access rights.
  3. The access keys to the users are generated autonomously by the system, and are sent to each user in a particular and automatic way. Not even the Administrator in the company knows the keys of their users.
  4. Furthermore, antara staff can not access the user account accounts information with their keys, unless those companies give access permission by activating the support user.
  5. Subscription emails received by users, whether market signals or changes in business ideas, include only indexes to such signals or news. If the email was forwarded out of the company by an employee, the recipient would not be able to consult the information to which it is addressed.
  6. In the event that the company requires external assistance from a consultant, the company can assign a user account to that consultant, and cancel it when it is not necessary to attend.
  7. The antara service is operated by one of the first multinational on-line services, and is protected both physically and logically from malicious access. Specialized staff ensures safety.
  8. Access to information over the Internet is protected by SSL secure protocol, the same as that used to access electronic banking services.


En realidad, la información está mucho más protegida que en una organización normal. Te explicamos algunas de las características de seguridad:

1.       Las empresas usuarias de antara no sólo no pueden ver la información perteneciente a otra empresa, sino que ni siquiera conocen el hecho de que existen otras cuentas distintas a la suya.

2.       Dentro de una cuenta de empresa, los diferentes tipos de usuario ofrecidos tienen derechos de acceso distintos.

3.       Las claves de acceso a los usuarios se generan autónomamente por el sistema, y son remitidas a cada usuario de forma particular y automática. Ni siquiera el Administrador en la empresa conoce las claves de sus usuarios.

4.       Más aún, el personal de antara no puede acceder con sus claves a la información de las cuentas de las empresas usuarias, a no ser que dichas empresas den permiso de acceso activando el usuario de soporte.

5.       Los emails de suscripción que reciben los usuarios, ya sea a señales del mercado  o a evolución de las ideas de negocio, incluyen sólo los índices a dichas señales o noticias. Si el email fuese reenviado fuera de la empresa por un empleado, la persona receptora no podría consultar la información a la que se apunta.

6.       En el caso de que la empresa requiera de la asistencia externa por parte de un consultor, la empresa le puede asignar una cuenta de usuario a ese consultor, y cancelarla cuando no sea necesaria su asistencia.

7.       El servicio de antara es operado por  una de las primeras multinacionales de servicios on-line, y está protegido tanto física como lógicamente de accesos malintencionados. Personal especializado vela por dicha seguridad.

8.       Los accesos a la información por Internet están protegidos por protocolo seguro SSL, el mismo que se utiliza para acceder a los servicios de banca electrónica.

I am a consultant who collaborates with several companies in their business strategy. Would it be possible to access more than one platform account, each for a different company?

Indeed, if you have authorization from the respective Administrators of each company (This is, if you are a registered user), you can easily access each of them without having to leave the application and re-login.
You should be aware that you will not be able to transfer information from one company account to another without authorization from the Administrator.
Keep in mind that for each account you may have different rights assigned, so you can perform tasks with the information of a company that you can not in another. It depends on the type of user assigned to you in each account.
We recommend that you use the same username (email) in all accounts, which will allow you greater comfort at the time of exploitation.

Efectivamente, si tienes autorización de los respectivos Administradores de cada empresa, podrás acceder a cada una de ellas fácilmente, sin necesitar salir de la aplicación y volver a hacer login.

Debes tener en cuenta que no te será posible transferir información de una cuenta de empresa a otra sin autorización del Administrador.

Ten en cuenta que para cada cuenta es posible que tengas asignados diferentes derechos, por lo que podrás realizar tareas con la información de una empresa que no te serán posibles en otra. Depende del tipo de usuario que se te asigne en cada cuenta.

Te recomendamos que al pedir el acceso emplees el mismo nombre de usuario (email) en todas las cuentas, lo que te permitirá una mayor comodidad a la hora de la explotación.

I am an account manager, and I have seen that there is the possibility of activating an "antara user". What is the purpose of this possibility?

You can grant access to a user from antra (email domain at any time you need support to resolve a question about the configuration of your account. Creating users with antara domain email do not consume users of your contract.

Once activated, the antara support person will be able to access your account information and give you assistance in what you need. You can register a specific antara support person (with personal name and email address), or a generic user provided by the antara Support Service.

You can turn this user on and off at any time, as well as assign to her different types of permissions. Please note that this user is subject to the same access rights restrictions as the other users of your account. Therefore, if you do not give the Editor rights to activate the ability to edit the semantics - for example - the support user can not help you resolve any issues with that topic.

You can activate more than one user.



I have forgotten my password. What I can do?

There is a link next to the "login" fields to remember the password.
This link starts a process to verify that you are a registered user before reseting the password.

How do I update the software? Should I download the updates? How much does the update contract cost?

Antara software is exploited in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) , which means that it is accessed through the Internet with a browser (we recommend Mozilla Firefox).

Updates are automatic, so you do not need to take any action as a user. Updates are included in the cost of the contract.

As a user, you will be informed by email of the new features included in the updates, but in any case we recommend following our profiles in social networks (see main page of our web site).


I received an "IP Blocked" message and can not enter the private area of the website or application. What should I do?

IP blocking is an automatic system reaction for when someone wants to enter by fraudulently testing passwords.

The system interprets an intrusion attempt and blocks access from the IP addresses of the network where the access was attempted.

If you have made a mistake several times when entering the key, you must contact Support by email or through the option Resources => Support in the top menu of the website. Request the unlock, including your user email.

If it wasn't you, someone has tried to login by knowing your email, but not knowing your password. You must contact Support in any case.



We have users who are not connected simultaneously. Should each user correspond to a different person?

The number of users in the contracts do not correspond to "maximum number of connected users", but it is foreseen that each person is identified and operates from his own user account, based on his email.

Technically speaking, a group of people can share one single email account and simultaneously access the software, but this will lead to several important operational problems: All users receiving the same alert information, managers not having a clue who is contributing, and many other drawbacks.



I have forwarded an email with alerts to another person, but the software asks for a password to read the information.

Both the Semantic Competitive Intelligence platform and the Business Ideas Management platform protect the information that is managed within the company.
Market signals under surveillance may carry associated strategic analysis that should not be accessible by unauthorized persons. So also the ideas of innovation or business initiatives are very valuable assets that must be protected.
If the platform would allow to unprotect that information by means of the forwarding - intentional or mistaken - of the emails, the information that we want to protect would be easily disclosed.
Therefore, any user must authenticate to the platform in order to access the information, and once inside she can access it according to their access rights.
If you want to resend a signal to an unauthorized person, you can copy the link that is associated with the signal title that has been delivered to you by the platform.
That link leads directly to public information, but it does not include analysis information nor metadata.


Competitive Intelligence FAQ

Attached to the source of information it appears a note that states "Updated 7 hours ago". What does it mean?

That is the time that has elapsed since the indexers have processed that information source for the last time, filtering the information it contains.
That way you have an idea of the pace of updating the filtered information.

Who should be trained in the management of the platform of Competitive Intelligence?

Only users who are playing the role of Administrators or Editors must follow the training, but it is desirable that any user interested in the organization can attend.

It is not necessary for all users to participate in the training phase. However, they should receive a short speech in which the initiative could be introduced and the basics of the Analysis operation could be explained.

Do I have to take into account the accent maks in the concepts to watch?

It is not necessary that you write the accent marks, because the platform does not distinguish between words with or without accent marks. This is to avoid the effect of transcription errors. Although it is more stylish to write with accent marks!

On the other hand, you should note that the symbols (e.g. $, #, etc) are taken literally. Thus, it is not the same to specify "R&D" than "R+D". If you are interested in both, you have to declare both in the vocabulary.


I can express my business in mussol, but can I modify the semantics at any time?

Indeed, any organization can express its business to monitor its environment with mussol, to modify any part of that semantics at any time, and to do it in a collaborative way with the participation of others in the company.

Visit the definition of semantics in the Glossary, and the >>Help section on the management of semantics.

In the company we mainly use Google for market watch. What advantages do I get from using a platform like antara?

Google is a great tool, but you should not exclusively stand by Google Alerts the Competitive Intelligence Function. Competitive Intelligence defines a cycle that includes definition of Focus, Search and Processing-Filter, Analysis based on business, Distribution of information and Feedback.

Google is one of many tools that can support the Search phase. Nothing else.

In particular, take into account the following principles:

Google does not understand your business

You can not explain how your competitive environment is, or what are your intelligence focuses. The information you capture will not be able to interpret potential threats or opportunities. You could try to do it with the advanced search, but in a short time you will see that it is impossible.


Google decides what sources of reference for your case

It does not structure the information according to the nature of the source. It does not matter if it is a competitor (which Google does not know) or if it is a no-background writter.
It will deliver hundreds of thousands (millions) of results, but prioritized according to its Google criteria, which will never be yours. The relevant information will be hidden behind the great volume of results.

In the deep web can be 80% of the information of your interest, and Google does not have to even know that it exists. You will not be able to automatically access databases (e.g. tenders or regulatory projects) and automatically filter the information according to your business.


For Google you are a user, not a team

You will not be able to establish assignment rules of subjects depending on team members' background, nor to define the degree of responsibility and implication of each person according to the subject.
You can not coordinate a team that collaborates in describing the business and the topics of which each one is specialist.
You will not be able to collaborate in analyzing the market signals in a cooperative way.
It does not offer you tools to generate intelligence reports from cooperative work.
Nor can you define different levels of permissions: Who can organize, modify, collaborate or read information according to the foci of intelligence that you have designed.
You will have to resend the information one by one and manually to the interested people, and you will never know if your effort is taken advantage of. Or if there are areas of the company neglected or people who do not perform their analysis function.


With Google you focus on finding information, not on your analysis

Without a professional platform, more than 60% of the resources dedicated to monitoring are wasted in capturing and filtering information (calculations of an antara client), leaving very few resources available for value added tasks that make the difference: Analysis, Recommendations and Decission.


You can use Google Alerts as an information source

Some of our users create alerts on Google, which connect to our mussol intelligence platform as yet another source of information. Therefore, you do not have to choose to use one method or another, but you can take advantage of both simultaneously, with all the power of mussol added on top of the collected information.



Which browsers should I use with Mussol? Is there any incompatibility?

No incompatibilities detected with updated browsers (*).

For basic actions you can use any browser that is updated. However, mussol offers very useful advanced features, available only to Chrome and Firefox users. These functions are offered in the form of an extension for the browser, downloadable from the Tools section of mussol. For more information, go to the specific Help article.

(*) Warning: antara does not recommend using Internet Explorer and does not ensure compatibility with Mussol. It is an old Microsoft product that is not included in the future plans of that company. It also has several security problems, as indicated in this Microsoft article: "The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser".



Ideas management FAQ

Who should follow the training in the Ideas Management application?

In principle only users who will act as Administrators or Coordinators (also called "Shepherd of Ideas") must follow the training, but it is desirable that any user interested in the organization can attend.

It is not necessary for all users to participate in the training phase. However, they should receive a short speech in which the initiative could be introduced and the basics of the Ideas operation could be explained.


I am an Administrator and I have configured to hide the authors of the ideas. How can I do to visualize the author of a certain idea?

The concealment of the authorship of ideas can only be deactivated for all ideas. You can not know the author of one or more ideas selectively and hide it in other cases.

See also Can I turn on and off the visibility of the authorship of ideas?

For more information on concealing the authorship of ideas you can refer to section >>G - Administration of Help.


I can not find an option to erase an idea, even being an Administrator.

When the platform is in Production mode, ideas can be rejected, but not deleted. An idea rejected today should not be deleted, because in the future one or more of the factors that have led to its dismissal could change, such as the evolution of technology, or corporate strategy, among others.

One of the design principles of the platform consider the ideas as an inventory asset of maximum value for the organization, and as such ideas should not be destroyed once the platform is in Production mode. To learn more about the design principles of the platform, go to section >>1 - Antara Ideas Management Basics in the Help documentation.

However, ideas can be deleted by combining Test and Production modes. In this regard, see the Frequently Asked Question >>After the test period I want to erase the ideas, but not all. Only an Administrator can switch the operation of the platform between Test and Production modes.

To learn more about Production and Test modes, go to section >>G - Administration in the Help documentation.

Can I use the platform to manage both the new product innovation ideas and the continuous improvement of the organization?

Yes. You can manage all the ideas on the same platform. In fact, we recommend you do so, because you will get several benefits:

  • You will generate a knowledge base where you will have all the ideas of the organization.
  • You will identify relationships between ideas of continuous improvement and others of innovation with greater impact, taking advantage of synergies between them.
  • You can manage the evolution of an idea of ​​continuous improvement that changes to a new product, or vice versa.

If you are interested in being able to distinguish between them to assign them to different work groups, you can create separate Organizational Units.

To know how to manage the Organizational Units, go to section >>G - Administration in Help.

Suggested reading in the Blog >>Like the first day, or Therapies for organizational Alzheimer's.

I would like to change the interface language. How can I change it?

The program selects the language of the interface according to the predefined language in the browser. Thus, if the preferred language in the browser is Spanish, the program will display the interface options in that language. Otherwise it will appear in English.

If you want to change the interface language without changing your browser preferences, you can turn to the language change option at the top of the screen.