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A leader of the Intelligence Function always asks: Are we monitoring the right sources of information? Are we missing key sources for our business? In addition, the intelligence focuses are constantly evolving, and so should the sources.
Of course, we already know that monitoring the entire Internet is not feasible: The volume of information is noise on itself, hiding key information.


Mussol incorporates a new automatic suggestion of sources, drastically reducing the management of the Intelligence Function. Mussol suggests sources by three methods:

1. Based on the activity of the analyst team.

2. According to the design of the hypotheses or intelligence focuses. Thus, as these focuses evolve, so will the source suggestions.

3. A collection of almost 4 million sources already curated, organized by sectors, languages ​​and geographic scope. Users can navigate through this collection and incorporate them with a click.

This function is already available under test mode for all users with Editor or higher permissions. Please go to the "Sources > Suggestions" section. The first and third methods are already available, while the second, based on the hypotheses, will be available progressively over the next few weeks.

We want to thank the large number of users who provide suggestions for improvement. They allow us to maintain a high rate of evolution from which all users benefit.

We will keep improving.