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The Intelligence Function by definition must contemplate the analysis of information internal to the organization, and not only external information. This is especially critical in medium-sized and large organizations, where key information can be handled for people who would be interested, but they do not even get to know about its existence.


Imagine a typical case in which a member of the team attends a congress about the sector and returns with a pen drive with all the presentations. If the colleague shares that documentation on the company intranet, mussol will automatically alert me about a document that deals with the new technical standard in which I am interested. So also with the documents that the team write or collect from the Internet.


mussol already integrated Google Drive for those companies that use Google Apps for companies, and now mussol offers the integration of OneDrive to all users of Microsoft Office365. OneDrive supports Sharepoint Online, so this integration is especially useful for companies that have implemented their intranet in Sharepoint Online.

The integration can be set up in less than 5 minutes in the External Services section, and no technical knowledge is necessary. The mussol Administrators have already updated the Help documentation.