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 € 23 user/month
For small teams that start in Competitive Intelligence
500 sources
Maximum 5 users, 250 concepts
Complex monitoring hypotheses
Sources suggested by the system
Quick feedback tools
Import concepts and sources
Bots for Social Networks
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€ 32 user/month
Social Intelligence for departmental teams
1.000 sources
(+ € 20.83 per 250 extra)
All Basic plus:
Unlimited users
Unlimited concepts
Integration of newsletters and corporate repositories
Generating RSS feeds
Change Auditor
Product and Business Ideas Management (Optional)
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€ 39 user/month
Comprehensive Intelligence for all corporate levels
2.000 sources
(+ € 10.83 per 250 extra)
All Team plus:
Corporate Intelligence reporting
Report "Readers" at € 5 /usr /month
Scenario Planning Prospective
Operational statistics
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€ 39 user/month
To involve the entire organization and external partners
2000 sources
(+ € 10.83 per 250 extra)
All Corporate plus:
"Guest" Analysts with restricted access
Report "Readers" for free
Minimum contract 15 Analysts
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Do I have to hire maintenance or upgrades?

No. The support service is included in the price, as well as the access to the Help and Media library, including recordings of the webinars. Nor should you worry about software updates. The application is updated automatically, and updates are included in the price.


Do I have to hire training or implementation services?

It is highly recommended, but it is not essential: Self-training resources are available. Although not all antara clients need services to get off to a good start in intelligence, Competitive Intelligence is much more than using software to make queries; It is to organize the vision of the environment, the assignment of responsibilities, and to coordinate the generation of collective intelligence in a daily basis. It is much easier to do so in the ecosystem of antara training plans, and with experts who will apply their knowledge to make a smarter organization

Do I have to pay a year of contract?

Yes. Antara contracts are billed annually, and users can be added or a Product Plan upgraded at any time. Our experience has taught us that customers who commit to Competitive Intelligence get far more profit in the long run. Since our goal is your success, we want to support the practices that facilitate that goal. As a conclusion: Annual contracts generate antara clients more satisfied with the results.

Can I access a test account?

Yes. Ask for a free trial for limited time and functionality. A trial account can give you an overview of what you will get at mussol, always with the support of introductory resources such as webinars or help documentation.

We are a university. Are there educational licenses?

Yes. There are free educational licenses for lecturing support. Antara collaborates closely with many universities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. This Frequently Asked question details the conditions and the procedure to be followed.