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The latest update of Antara Mussol brings together a series of important improvements, especially aimed at increasing the power of the Intelligence Function in the company.


This is a compilation of the latest features incorporated into Antara Mussol. Please note that some of the functions described may not be accessible in your product plan.


Monitoring corporate information internal to the company: Integration with Office 365

The integration of Mussol with Office 365, described in the bulletin of 8th January, has passed the Beta phase and is available to all users. This integration is added to that of Google Apps, which was available from previous versions of Antara Mussol.



These Antara Mussol functions allow multiplying the power of Mussol in the monitoring of the internal information so that we can add any corporate repository as a source of information, without disturbing the rest of the company's colleagues.


Monitor new areas quickly: Reduction of blind spots

For a company, it is essential to detect sources of key information that it did not know about. In the summer of 2018, Antara announced a new important development for Antara Mussol that would reduce the blind spots of Competitive Intelligence. In the recent update of Mussol, the suggestions are segmented according to the needs of each department, and even according to specific intelligence needs within each department. This is especially useful when we model new intelligence needs in a department or project because we can rely on Mussol to start up the surveillance tasks in a very short time. When an information process is automated, the user must be able to know why the machine makes a decision. For this reason, Mussol always explains the reasons why it suggests certain surveillance, and it is the user who ultimately decides.


Improved interaction with the user: Antara Mussol web extension

The revolution of the new Antara Mussol web extension, announced in our February 6th bulletin , is also available for Chrome, including an embedded RSS viewer in the web extension. The web extension is available for download in all user accounts, and automatically recognizes the assigned permissions..


Report writing: Automatic mentions to collaborators

A recommended best practice when editing an intelligence report is to cite the fellow analysts who have contributed to its building. The new report editing feature incorporates an option to include the list of analysts who have contributed to the report, sorted from highest to lowest number of contributions.
This function is added to the existing one that allows visibility of the analysis work of each partner, and that has been incorporated into a report.


Quality of information: Filtering of more specific texts

The new version of the Mussol filtering engine significantly improves the quality of the information, since it requires that the texts to be filtered be more specific about the specific topic of interest.
This will further increase the analyst team's productivity.


Quality of the presentation: Improvement in the treatment of the images

Mussol has also improved in the way of displaying the images, which results in greater attractiveness for the user, especially in the Dashboard.


We keep improving.

The team of antara.

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