mussol, the Competitive Intelligence Automation solution by antara that understands your business .

You can describe who your competitors are, what type your customers are, or what technology you are most interested in. Thanks to this, the Competitive Intelligence solution mussol can capture the relevant information and analyze it automatically. This drastically reduces the effort to be properly informed.


vigilancia tecnológica

Accelerate your business success

Many of our clients employ our Competitive Intelligence solution mussol to capture early alerts on business opportunities. Whether they are e.g. signs of an upcoming tender, or a customer's interest in a technology that you can offer.

Early detection of such opportunities, and quick reaction to them, accelerates the business of any company. "Victory loves preparation".



proteger dinero

Reduce your costs

Early identification of obstacles to business is one of the best sources of cost reduction.

You are surely interested in early warnings on clients' business problems for your sales risks analysis, in order to advance problems of non-payment.

If you are a food exporter you will be definitively interested in identifying projects for new regulations in the target market.

If your company is developing new products it would be advisable to monitor new patent issues related to that type of product. (In the EU alone more than € 15,000 M are invested in innovations that are already patented or available in the market).

Also monitoring on purchases or on supplier innovations can significantly reduce costs and increase competitive advantage.



monitoriza competencia - vigilancia tecnológica

Watch your competitors

Monitoring the competition is essential to know where we step and choose the best path for our company. As we proceed implemeting our strategy, we must be informed of the competitors' movements. Blind driving leads us sooner than later to business problems.

We can detect when a competitor incorporates a specific technology. When a tender has been awarded in that market in which we are competing.

Know if a competitor has established an alliance with any of our collaborators. Did them receive funding for an R & D project for a new product?

What kind of staffing profiles are them hiring lately? Does it tell us what area are they reinforcing?




Focus the whole team on the market

mussol by antara enables the entire team to be integrated into the market monitoring and analyzing.

The objective is to invelve the company experts in monitoring those areas under its responsibility (customers, competitors, technology, suppliers, human resources...). We can assign thematic channels to people depending on their responsibilities or background knowledge. The team can share the market signals and analyze them generating Intelligence at departmental or corporate levels.


exportación y mercados exteriores

Exports and foreign markets

If our company has interests in other countries or has internationalization plans, the surveillance of these markets is key.

But although our business would be local, the market is global, and we must monitor trends in other precedent markets and competitors potentially landing in our local market.

The Competitive Intelligence Automation facilitates the monitoring of international markets, defining key business issues in several languages.


Que se dice de nosotros

What is said about us? What about competitors' products?

The Internet and Social Networks are key sources of information to advance consumer response. So much regarding our product or the products of the competitors.

If we change our value proposition, what is the answer we can expect from the market? Social networks and professional forums are sources of early warning that allow us to advance the response, and identify which strengths and weaknesses are identified by clients.

Since that information is available to everyone who knows how to treat it, we can also use those sources to analyze the response to changes in our competitors.




The deep web

It is said that 80% of business- relevant information is hidden for general-purpose web browsers. It is organized in databases and after more or less complex query forms.

Whether it is a database of tenders, patents, customs registration in any country, you can access that key information with the right technology. More than 200 robots developed by antara interact with as many databases around the world, and capture the key information for our users' businesses. If the database of interest is not in our catalog, simply request for a quotation.

With mussol it is possible to integrate the database query results into a single platform, and to manage all the information in a homogeneous way.


Apoyo en la gestión de ideas e innovación

Integrate the Competitive Intelligence with the Innovation Management

mussol identifies opportunities and threats to the business. The Management of Ideas (calisto solution) drives the company response to these opportunities and threats.

On the other hand, the Intelligence Function based on mussol can gather key information from the environment related to a innovation project or idea under discussion.

Both solutions offer a simple method of interconnection. Anyway the two solutions (mussol and callisto) are independent, and can operate separately.

Competitive Intelligence is a process for identifying, collecting, analyzing and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors and any other aspect of the business environment, necessary to assist the people responsible for making strategic decisions in the organization.

The final objective of the process is, therefore, the generation of business ideas and decision making in the organization.




No technical issues

Implementing antara solutions means:

  • No software installation required.
  • It does not imply buying software.
  • You don't need to bother the IT Department.

You only need an updated browser to be productive from anywhere, at any time.

Our solutions are rented in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). If you want to know more about the advantages of this business model, visit this video .


ajustado a sus necesidades

Tuned to your needs

  • Do not make risky investments that you will have to write off.
  • Do not invest too much time and money trying to reduce the risk of the decision.
  • Simply rent the solution temporarily for the number of users you need.
  • Upgrade your contract or number of users at any time.


listo en 48 horas

Implementation and training in two work days

In two days you can have your team trained and the initial configuration tailored to your needs, led by highly experienced consultant staff.
If you are in a hurry, we are fast and efficient.
Once set up, we will hold brief meetings for a few weeks to check the progress of the implementation. In addition you will always have the online support of our team.