Public Administration Success Story

Governments, Government Agencies and Ministries develop forecasts to design and strengthen Public Administration strategies in innovation (RIS3), employment and industrial policy. Learn about the success story of the Chilean Government, which used technology forecasting and competitive intelligence models to develop its strategic country intelligence.

The Labour Observatory is a space promoted by SENCE (Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Government of Chile) so that the Chilean workers, students, companies and training institutions can find information on the productive situation and occupations at the national and regional level.

The Labour Observatory of Araucania, developed by IDER-UFRO, was the original seed that gave rise to strategic sector intelligence activity throughout the country.

With Antara Mussol, the Observatory can dynamically model the intelligence sources that are identified by the team of analysts, collecting and analysing the information in a collaborative way. Monitoring and forecasting focus simultaneously on macro-trends and their impact on key sectors.