Ideas are what create and move businesses. They are the most important asset of any organization, much more than can be machinery or facilities. And as such an important asset you have to value it, manage it, and exploit it to the fullest.

antara's Ideas and Innovation Management solution calisto supports the needs of Innovation Management in an organization, whether public or private, regardless of its size or sector.



Innovación y participacion

Foster innovation and measure participation

antara calisto solution allows the participation of all the team, even if it is distributed geographically, and measures the innovation-related conversation within the company. Because we believe that what can not be measured does not exist. Also innovation.

antara is a company with a long history of innovation. Not in vain was nominated as the Most Innovative Company by the business newspaper Expansion. We are convinced that the direct involvement of all the staff, the client and the user is key to generate a long-term competitive advantage and continuous improvement of the organization.



Metodología de innovación

Follow an innovation methodology

Conceive an innovative idea requires the greatest degree of creativity. However, once expressed, even with a simple sentence, begins a process in which more and more discipline is demanded, in order to reach a decision. Decision either positive or negative about the idea, and how it is going to be implemented.

antara Innovation Management solution calisto offers a decision-driven process, with defined phases, valuations and expected reaction times.



alinear innovacion estrategica

Align innovation with strategy

Choose the best innovation proposals based on your corporate strategy.

The organization can express its corporate strategy in calisto, and use it to choose the most strategic ideas.

Each participant in the discussion -with rights to do so- can express their opinion on the contribution of the idea to the strategy implementation. And these weighted opinions are aggregated to facilitate the selection of more strategic ideas.



brain memory

Prevent Organizational Alzheimer

Ensure the company does not forget its reflections. In antara we think that any organization must learn from its internal reflection. Therefore, in our calisto solution all the discussions and valuations create a knowledge base automatically. Key ideas do not go away with people, nor do they hide behind a mountain of information.

New staff can use the calisto knowledge base to accelerate the learning curve. Thus, when a person joins a department, she can be given access to the current knowledge of the company with a single click. She can be granted access only to knowledge related to her activity, or to what you consider necessary.

After this immersion in the company knowledge and past reflections, the "rookie" will be aware of what the organization has done in the past, why, what it decided not to do, and why.



control confidencialidad

Privacy management

Innovation ideas and projects are the most important asset of an organization, and as such we must take care of it. The current trend towards open innovation, which also involves external partners, suppliers and users, generates many advantages to innovative companies, but at the same time it also increases the risks of loss of confidentiality, which should be minimized as much as possible. (See entries in our blog on counterintelligence).

antara Ideas Management solution offers a multitude of possibilities to control the confidentiality of information. Who has rights to access to what idea -and past stages-, depending on their role in the company, or according to the group which she belongs to. What idea stages are accessible to whom, according to the decision-making process the organization has designed.

In addition, the access to stored information is specially protected. ( See FAQs on privacy).


convertir usuario en product manager

The client becomes the Product Manager

The Product Manager is the person in charge of planning the evolution of our product, and she manages the innovation on it. Surely we will agree in the fact that it is a key function of our organization.

It is said that if we ask our company engineers we will get feasible ideas, but if we ask the user we will get original ideas. This is not always the case, as the user sometimes asks for a faster horse, which is what he knows, but our company can offer a car.

As a conclusion, antara calisto facilitates your internal staff, external collaborators and users to participate in our innovation process. If you wish, you can give selected users an authoritative voice within the product innovation process, becoming a part-time Product Manager.



Apoyo en la gestión de ideas e innovación

Integrate the Competitive Intelligence with the Innovation Management


mussol identifies opportunities and threats to the business. The Management of Ideas (calisto solution) drives the company response to these opportunities and threats.

On the other hand, the Intelligence Function based on mussol can gather key information from the environment related to a innovation project or idea under discussion.

Both solutions offer a simple method of interconnection. Anyway the two solutions (mussol and callisto) are independent, and can operate separately.

Competitive Intelligence is a process for identifying, collecting, analyzing and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors and any other aspect of the business environment, necessary to assist the people responsible for making strategic decisions in the organization.

The final aim of the process is, therefore, the generation of business ideas and decision making in the organization.




No technical issues

Implementing antara solutions means:

  • No software installation required.

  • It does not imply buying software.

  • You don't need to bother the IT Department.

You only need an updated browser to be productive from anywhere, at any time.

Our solutions are rented in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). If you want to know more about the advantages of this business model, visit this video .


ajustado a sus necesidades

Tuned to your needs

  • Do not make risky investments that you will have to write off.
  • Do not invest too much time and money trying to reduce the risk of the decision.
  • Simply rent the solution temporarily for the number of users you need.
  • Upgrade your contract or number of users at any time.
listo en 48 horas

Implementation and training in two work days

In two days you can have your team trained and the initial configuration tailored to your needs, led by highly experienced consultant staff.
If you are in a hurry, we are fast and efficient.
Once set up, we will hold brief meetings for a few weeks to check the progress of the implementation. In addition you will always have the online support of our team.