Research Success Story

Public and private Research Centres enhance their Technology Forecasting and identify opportunities to develop their Technology Transfer. Learn about the success story of the NEIKER TECNALIA Research Centre, which used technology forecasting and competitive intelligence models to formalise its Intelligence Function.

Edificio Neiker Tecnalia
NEIKER TECNALIA is a research centre that works for the Basque agricultural and forestry sector. It improves the competitiveness of the sector, preserving the environment, preserving native species and breeds and ensuring food security. NEIKER has been carrying out this task since it was founded in 1851, thanks to the work of a group of professionals with the highest qualifications and international recognition.

NEIKER sought to set up a technology forecasting system in accordance with the UNE 166.002 standard for Innovation Management. For this purpose, the Centre's Scientific and Market Departments chose the Antara Mussol solution, partly because of the autonomy it offers the Administrator to manage it in a self-sufficient way. Of course, Antara Mussol offers specific functions to report operating data, and thus facilitate compliance with the UNE 166.002 and UNE 166.006.

Antara Mussol, NEIKER has improved not only its knowledge of the environment, but particularly the internal cooperation between people from different teams.