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Antara Mussol is the most flexible solution on the market for digitising the Strategic Competitive Intelligence Function.


We're not consultants

Antara focuses on developing the best Competitive Intelligence software. We establish alliances with specialised partners who bring value to their clients on Antara Mussol.

We are not in the business of consulting:

We do not tell the user what to monitor or who to monitor. We don't model your needs on Antara Mussol. We do not provide or analyse news or intelligence content. We do not manage organisational change in the client. We don't administer your licences, nor are we interim intelligence managers...

Can you do it for our clients? We would like to help you generate added value for your client and grow your business.

Learn about the advantages of our Partner Program

Whether you are an individual consultant with expertise in Competitive Intelligence, or a global consulting firm supporting client strategy with a holistic vision, our Partner Program is designed at three levels to fit the profile and size of any partner.

Access specialised training, our proven experience and know-how, and exclusive resources that will facilitate your work with the client.