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Everything you need to grow your business with Antara.

We're here to help you, any time

Our team is always by your side. Contact us to find out how we apply our experience to help you at start-up, and throughout the operation.

Our standard start-up plan condenses our years of experience with dozens of companies in many sectors, which we have helped in many countries. A well-proven project plan, which we can adapt to your particular needs.

Trial account with a private mock-up

Depending on the case, we can preload resources that can be very useful to you. Both sources to monitor and vocabulary.

Audit of the Intelligence Function

Let's talk about the current and desired situation. We know many cases, in any sector, from many countries. Although they are all confidential, our experience can certainly help you make the right decisions on how to organise your Intelligence Function.

Collection of baseline data

We have proven tools and methods for you to collect information and needs of your organisation and involve your team from the beginning. We can help you import data from your CRM, if you need it.

Training and follow-up

If you decide to support yourself using Antara for the start-up, let's “Learn by doing”. We will carry out a course for the leaders of the Competitive Intelligence Function, from which we will come out with the system fully operational. The course can be completely online, to keep you safe from COVID-19, and we can record all sessions for later use. We will then follow up for several weeks, during which you can progressively involve the rest of the team (who will not need training).